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Isolate fields MLST
idisolatealiasescountryyearspeciessourcehosthuman diseaseadkccpArecFrpoBspo0AsucCST
54 BL-09ChinaBacillus paralicheniformisfood, other37232314
57 ATCC14580DSM13UnknownBacillus licheniformisother1111111
61 ATCC12759UnknownBacillus paralicheniformisother32232821
83 N3China2019Bacillus paralicheniformisfood, otherother
84 A13China2020Bacillus paralicheniformisfood, other32237350
88 CCMM_B774CCMM B774Morocco2009Bacillus paralicheniformisenvironmental3253171355
89 CCMM_B940CCMM B940Morocco2009Bacillus paralicheniformisenvironmental3175312356
90 CCMM_B951CCMM B951Morocco2009Bacillus paralicheniformisenvironmental318532357
91 CCMM_B960CCMM B960Morocco2009Bacillus licheniformisenvironmental61121258
92 CCMM_B966CCMM B966Morocco2009Bacillus paralicheniformisenvironmental3253171355
93 CCMM_B969CCMM B969Morocco2009Bacillus paralicheniformisenvironmental310337354
94 CCMM_B943CCMM B943Morocco2009Bacillus licheniformisenvironmental29121113

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