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299256412018Janowicz A, De Massis F, Ancora M, Cammà C, Patavino C, Battisti A, Prior K, Harmsen D, Scholz H, Zilli K, Sacchini L, Di Giannatale E, Garofolo G (2018) J Clin Microbiol 56: Core Genome Multilocus Sequence Typing and Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Analysis in the Epidemiology of Brucella melitensis Infections.
327682052020Sun M, Liu M, Zhang X, Zhang G, Zhu L, Ding J, Zhang Z, Sun S, Sun S, Shao W, Zhang P, Zhang J, Sun X, Fan X, Wei R (2020) Vet Microbiol 247: 108751 First identification of a Brucella abortus biovar 4 strain from yak in Tibet, China.