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192754962009Sheppard SK, Dallas JF, Strachan NJ, MacRae M, McCarthy ND, Wilson DJ, Gormley FJ, Falush D, Ogden ID, Maiden MC, Forbes KJ (2009) Clin Infect Dis 48: 1072-8 Campylobacter genotyping to determine the source of human infection.
261094742015Cody AJ, McCarthy ND, Bray JE, Wimalarathna HM, Colles FM, Jansen van Rensburg MJ, Dingle KE, Waldenström J, Maiden MC (2015) Environ Microbiol Rep 7: 782-8 Wild bird-associated Campylobacter jejuni isolates are a consistent source of human disease, in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.
284465712017Cody AJ, Bray JE, Jolley KA, McCarthy ND, Maiden MCJ (2017) J Clin Microbiol 55: 2086-2097 Core Genome Multilocus Sequence Typing Scheme for Stable, Comparative Analyses of Campylobacter jejuni and C. coli Human Disease Isolates.
228144662012Cody AJ, McCarthy NM, Wimalarathna HL, Colles FM, Clark L, Bowler IC, Maiden MC, Dingle KE (2012) J Clin Microbiol 50: 3193-201 A longitudinal 6-year study of the molecular epidemiology of clinical campylobacter isolates in Oxfordshire, United kingdom.
224625632012Bessell PR, Rotariu O, Innocent GT, Smith-Palmer A, Strachan NJ, Forbes KJ, Cowden JM, Reid SW, Matthews L (2012) BMC Infect Dis 12: 80 Using sequence data to identify alternative routes and risk of infection: a case-study of campylobacter in Scotland.
192690512009Sheppard SK, Dallas JF, MacRae M, McCarthy ND, Sproston EL, Gormley FJ, Strachan NJ, Ogden ID, Maiden MC, Forbes KJ (2009) Int J Food Microbiol 134: 96-103 Campylobacter genotypes from food animals, environmental sources and clinical disease in Scotland 2005/6.
286985612017Rosner BM, Schielke A, Didelot X, Kops F, Breidenbach J, Willrich N, Gölz G, Alter T, Stingl K, Josenhans C, Suerbaum S, Stark K (2017) Sci Rep 7: 5139 A combined case-control and molecular source attribution study of human Campylobacter infections in Germany, 2011-2014.
263381882015Pearson BM, Louwen R, van Baarlen P, van Vliet AH (2015) Genome Biol Evol 7: 2663-79 Differential Distribution of Type II CRISPR-Cas Systems in Agricultural and Nonagricultural Campylobacter coli and Campylobacter jejuni Isolates Correlates with Lack of Shared Environments.
258038282015Brown HL, Reuter M, Hanman K, Betts RP, van Vliet AH (2015) PLoS One 10: e0121680 Prevention of biofilm formation and removal of existing biofilms by extracellular DNases of Campylobacter jejuni.
268602582016Mossong J, Mughini-Gras L, Penny C, Devaux A, Olinger C, Losch S, Cauchie HM, van Pelt W, Ragimbeau C (2016) Sci Rep 6: 20939 Human Campylobacteriosis in Luxembourg, 2010-2013: A Case-Control Study Combined with Multilocus Sequence Typing for Source Attribution and Risk Factor Analysis.
188187642008Wilson DJ, Gabriel E, Leatherbarrow AJ, Cheesbrough J, Gee S, Bolton E, Fox A, Fearnhead P, Hart CA, Diggle PJ (2008) PLoS Genet 4: e1000203 Tracing the source of campylobacteriosis.
242447472013Kittl S, Heckel G, Korczak BM, Kuhnert P (2013) PLoS One 8: e81796 Source attribution of human Campylobacter isolates by MLST and fla-typing and association of genotypes with quinolone resistance.
255887892015Colles FM, McCarthy ND, Bliss CM, Layton R, Maiden MC (2015) Environ Microbiol 17: 938-46 The long-term dynamics of Campylobacter colonizing a free-range broiler breeder flock: an observational study.
221747322011Colles FM, McCarthy ND, Layton R, Maiden MC (2011) PLoS One 6: e22825 The prevalence of Campylobacter amongst a free-range broiler breeder flock was primarily affected by flock age.
223701652012McCarthy ND, Gillespie IA, Lawson AJ, Richardson J, Neal KR, Hawtin PR, Maiden MC, O'Brien SJ (2012) Epidemiol Infect 140: 2247-55 Molecular epidemiology of human Campylobacter jejuni shows association between seasonal and international patterns of disease.
184125482008Colles FM, Jones TA, McCarthy ND, Sheppard SK, Cody AJ, Dingle KE, Dawkins MS, Maiden MC (2008) Environ Microbiol 10: 2042-50 Campylobacter infection of broiler chickens in a free-range environment.
263445152016Friedrich A, Marshall JC, Biggs PJ, Midwinter AC, French NP (2016) Epidemiol Infect 144: 820-8 Seasonality of Campylobacter jejuni isolates associated with human campylobacteriosis in the Manawatu region, New Zealand.
233564872013Griekspoor P, Colles FM, McCarthy ND, Hansbro PM, Ashhurst-Smith C, Olsen B, Hasselquist D, Maiden MC, Waldenström J (2013) Mol Ecol 22: 1463-72 Marked host specificity and lack of phylogeographic population structure of Campylobacter jejuni in wild birds.
205258622010Sheppard SK, Colles F, Richardson J, Cody AJ, Elson R, Lawson A, Brick G, Meldrum R, Little CL, Owen RJ, Maiden MC, McCarthy ND (2010) Appl Environ Microbiol 76: 5269-77 Host association of Campylobacter genotypes transcends geographic variation.
243862652013Lévesque S, Fournier E, Carrier N, Frost E, Arbeit RD, Michaud S (2013) PLoS One 8: e83731 Campylobacteriosis in Urban versus Rural Areas: A Case-Case Study Integrated with Molecular Typing to Validate Risk Factors and to Attribute Sources of Infection.
281153762017Thépault A, Méric G, Rivoal K, Pascoe B, Mageiros L, Touzain F, Rose V, Béven V, Chemaly M, Sheppard SK (2017) Appl Environ Microbiol 83: Genome-Wide Identification of Host-Segregating Epidemiological Markers for Source Attribution in Campylobacter jejuni.
121947722002Dingle KE, Colles FM, Ure R, Wagenaar JA, Duim B, Bolton FJ, Fox AJ, Wareing DR, Maiden MC (2002) Emerg Infect Dis 8: 949-55 Molecular characterization of Campylobacter jejuni clones: a basis for epidemiologic investigation.
251634182014Ragimbeau C, Colin S, Devaux A, Decruyenaere F, Cauchie HM, Losch S, Penny C, Mossong J (2014) BMC Microbiol 14: 205 Investigating the host specificity of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli by sequencing gyrase subunit A.
174798902007McCarthy ND, Colles FM, Dingle KE, Bagnall MC, Manning G, Maiden MC, Falush D (2007) Emerg Infect Dis 13: 267-72 Host-associated genetic import in Campylobacter jejuni.
259603332015Griekspoor P, Engvall EO, Åkerlind B, Olsen B, Waldenström J (2015) Vet Microbiol 178: 94-8 Genetic diversity and host associations in Campylobacter jejuni from human cases and broilers in 2000 and 2008.