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Isolate fields S. oralis MLST
673 U-o113226Streptococcus mitisHungary
674 U-o213224Streptococcus oralisHungary
675 U-o313229; 140385Streptococcus oralisHungary
676 U-o413231Streptococcus mitisHungary
677 U-o813294; 171084Streptococcus mitisHungary
678 U-o117350Streptococcus oralisHungary
679 P-2000526A033; 7134Streptococcus oralisFrance2000
680 P-6000505A029; 7134Streptococcus mitisFrance2000
681 P-23000322A060; 6002Streptococcus mitisFrance2000
682 P-27000318A017; 7320Streptococcus mitisFrance2000
683 P-34000301A052; 6002Streptococcus mitisFrance2000
684 P-37000229A081; 115Streptococcus mitisFrance2000
685 P-44000318A220; 9765Streptococcus mitisFrance2000
686 5DSM 20567Streptococcus sanguinisGermany
687 7-S.o. 7DSM 20627Streptococcus oralisGermany
688 B9Streptococcus parasanguinisGermany
689 B10Streptococcus mitisGermany
690 B11Streptococcus oralisGermany
691 13Streptococcus mitisSouth Africa1986
692 18Streptococcus oralisSouth Africa1986
693 20Streptococcus oralisSouth Africa1986
694 24Streptococcus mitisSouth Africa1986
695 37Streptococcus mitisSouth Africa1989blood
696 60Streptococcus mitisSouth Africa
697 3Streptococcus parasanguinisSouth Africa

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