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Many of the schemes hosted on PubMLST have been developed and are curated by third parties. If you wish to contact somebody about a submission you have made or wish to make, please contact the appropriate curator in the first instance. Contact details for curators are listed on the landing page for each database.


If you have developed or are in the process of developing an MLST scheme for any organism, we may be able to help you.

We are happy to host MLST databases for you. Please contact us for advice on how to proceed. The databases are run using the highly configurable BIGSdb software on Linux servers, offering extremely fast and versatile querying. The databases can be curated using a password protected web interface which allows the easy uploading of batch data.

Please note that a condition of us hosting your scheme on PubMLST is that you must commit to ongoing curation of data submitted by the community.

Database software

Alternatively you may wish to set up your own site using the BIGSdb software. This is published under an open source licence and is freely available for download.

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any comments or suggestions concerning the website and the databases. The software is continually being improved but new functionality is generally developed when people request it - so if it doesn't currently do what you want, please let us know!

The PubMLST site is hosted at the Department of Biology, University of Oxford, UK.  The site is maintained by Keith Jolley (research group of Martin Maiden). Funding is provided by The Wellcome Trust.