Bacterial Genome Sequence Database (BIGSdb)

BIGSdb is software designed to store and analyse sequence data for bacterial isolates. Any number of sequences can be linked to isolate records - these can be small contigs assembled from dideoxy sequencing through to whole genomes (complete or multiple contigs generated from parallel sequencing technologies such as Illumina).

This is the software that runs the databases on this site. More details...

Non-redundant databases (NRDB)

This is a Javascript version of NRDB written by Keith Jolley inspired by Warren Gish's original NRDB. It will take sequences in FASTA format and identify any duplicates, returning a new FASTA output of unique sequences.

ORF Trimmer

ORF Trimmer is a very simple Javascript program written by Keith Jolley that will trim a set of sequences in FASTA format to the first in-frame stop codon.