Factor H binding protein sequence typing

The database enables alternative fHbp nomenclatures to be cross-referenced and harmonized. Each novel fHbp nucleotide sequence is assigned a numerical identifier in order of submission. This is also done for the corresponding peptide sequence. PLEASE NOTE: as some nucleotide (allele) sequences encode previously assigned peptide sequences, due to synonymous substitutions, the allele sequence and peptide sequence identifiers do not necessarily correspond. The database enables the allele and peptide sequence identifiers to be related to each other and to any alternative names. The fields that are displayed by browsing or following a search can be customized from the options page. By default the sequence is not displayed.

Modular groups α and β as described in Beernink & Granoff 2009 and Pajon et al. 2010 have been renamed as 1 and 2, such that, for example, Aα2;Bα1;Cβ5;Dα5;Eα8 becomes A1.2;B1.1;C2.5;D1.5;E1.8.

The fHbp_allele locus has been renamed to 'fHbp for consistency with other non-full length coding sequence loci, such as 'porA and 'porB. There is a full length coding sequence fHbp locus called NEIS0349.

A fragment of the sequence has also been analysed by Hong et al. 2012. These sequences are available at fHbp_DNAfrag_Pasteur and fHbp_PEPTIDEfrag_Pasteur.

Please submit new variants via the automated submission system.